Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meghan Mayer

Meghan and Jaret Mayer

Hi, I’m Meghan Mayer, and I’m the lead pastor of Embassy Church. I have lived in Prince Albert since I was a young girl. In 2000, I married the man of my dreams and together we have two wonderful children.
Together with my husband, Jaret, we are involved in the business community and own a business of our own. We love Prince Albert and believe that this is the place God has called us to be. I have a passion for God and for revealing Him and His loving nature to the world.

Duff Friesen

Duff and Terry Friesen

Hi there, I’m Duff and I am an elder here at Embassy. I have been involved in Christian Education since 1987, and since 2008 have been Principal at Regent Academy, which is a K – 12 private Christian school located in Plaza 88. I married the woman of my dreams in March ’82 and after God miraculously healed her, He blessed us with three wonderful children. I love the city of Prince Albert and what God is doing here. My heart is to see people connected with God and to discover and take their place in His kingdom. I love the great outdoors and all four seasons including winter.

Waine Thiessen

Waine and Marj Thiessen

Hi, I’m Waine and I serve as an elder at Embassy. For the past 21 years I have worked for Correctional Services Canada. I have been married to a wonderful woman for the past 38 years and have 3 great kids, a great son-in-law, as well as two of the best grandkids in the world. I have a heart to see people find a more emotional relationship with our Father God. I also love to play the guitar. Guitars rule!