Embassy Connect

Embassy Connect is a collection of groups united by Embassy Church. The purpose of Embassy Connect is to help the community of Embassy Church connect to each other over a variety of activities. Be sure to browse the groups below and connect with them.

Men’s Breakfast

Once a month on a Saturday Men, ages 16+, get together for breakfast. Look for the next Men’s Breakfast on the Events page.

Games Night

Once a month people get together at the church to play tabletop games. Games Night events can be found on the Embassy Church Facebook Page.

Ladies’ Night

Join other ladies, ages 16+, for time in the word and in fellowship. For the next Ladies’ Night check out the Events Page.

Business Leader’s Night

Business Leader’s Night is a bible study for Business Leaders in out community. Stay tuned to the Events Page for information on Business Leader’s Night.

Young Adults

Join other Young Adults, ages 18-40ish, in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. For more information check out the Young Adults Facebook Group.

Outdoor Activities

Get outside and do seasonal activities. For more information on the Outdoor Activities group stay tuned to the Events Page.

Girl’s Night

Girl’s Night Out is a time to hang out with other ladies, ages 18-40ish, of your age. For more information check out the Girl’s Night Out Facebook Group.

Bible Study

On Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM we do a bible study to deepen our relationship with God, the one that made us. For the next Bible Study visit the Events page.

Men’s Basketball Night

Are you a man? Do you like getting together with other men in a friendly physical activity? Then Men’s Basketball Night is for you! Join others as they play a friendly game on Tuesday nights. Visit the Events page to find the next one.

Kid’s Bible Study

Just like the weekly Bible Study Kid’s Bible Study is for your children, ages 6-11, to get a better understanding of the Word and nature of God. Visit the Events page for the next Kid’s Bible Study.

Lighthouse Senior’s Ministry

The Lighthouse Senior’s Ministry is for seniors to connect with each other multiple times a month. A time for the senior’s of our community to be loved. Visit the Lighthouse Senior’s Ministry’s Facebook page for more information.


Prayer is a time of… well prayer. It is a time to intercede for our city, province, and country, as well as anything else God puts on your hearts. Visit the Events page to see when the next Prayer meeting is.

Youth Group

The Youth Group, Fearless -365-, meets every week and ministers to the youth of Prince Albert with exciting activities and times of worship for youth, ages 12-18. Visit the Fearless -365- Facebook group for more information.

Fan Zone

Embassy Connect Fan Zone is a group of people that like watching sporting events, weather is is hockey, lacross, football, soccer, UFC, or whatever. Once a month we meet to watch some SPORTS! Join the Fan Zone Facebook group for more information.