We believe that something supernatural happens when you decide to join a local church. A spiritual connection takes place between you, the pastor, and the rest of the congregation. Your individual calling in life then becomes connected with the calling of that local church in a union ordained by God.

This is why we have classes for those interested in membership at our Church. One must first understand the mission, vision, and calling of our Church for that “divine connection” to take place.

There are two ways to take membership classes here at our Church.

As needed there will be membership classes held at the church which are taught by the church elders or other qualified teachers appointed by the Pastor.  If for some reason it is not possible for someone to be able to attend membership classes here at the church, classes can be taken via a ten-part video series taught by Apostle Glen Stead. The classes and videos will cover what you need to know in order to become a Covenant Member of our Church. If you are interested in taking the membership classes please contact the church office, because it matters where you go to church.

Are You New To Church?

If you are a new believer or new to our Church, you’ll soon find out there is a place for you here at the church. For more information call: 763-4411