Soul Wounds Discussion by Embassy Church on September 3, 2013

Tonight we discuss the soul wounds talked about in the Katie Souza videos. The Katie Souza videos mentioned can be found on youtube. Check out the September playlist at

Codependancy #4: Blame Vs. Responsibility by Glen Stead on August 25, 2013

Today Glen Stead resumes his talk on codependency. Today Glen talks about laying blame and taking responsibility for your situation.


Codependancy 2: Finding the Reason & Understanding Codependancy in Our Lives Part 2 by Glen Stead on August 4, 2013

The second message in Pastor Stead’s series on codependency.

Codependency 1: Finding the Reason & Understanding Codependency in Our Lives by Glen Stead on July 28, 2013

Today Glen Stead tackles the topic of codependency in the church.